Friday, March 15, 2013

3 Fairies

 Photography & Makeup by Kalie Johnston
Hair by Deidre Iribarren


Photography by Jaclyn Szabo

New Headshot

Photo by Sidney Kraemer


Photography by Sequoia Ziff

The Valley of the Dolls

Published in Bisous Magazine!

Photography by Iman Haji
Makeup by Ashley Gomila


Photography by Michelle Paulsen
Makeup by Chris Lombardo


Sneak Peak: Dreaming A Fairytale

Photography by Garone Africa
Makeup & Hair by Giovanna & Wendy

Will be updating with new photos A LOT today so keep checking back!

Monday, March 4, 2013

On Set: Graffiti Beach Magazine

Had another great shoot yesterday for Graffiti Beach Magazine
Here's some behind the scenes photos...

Also, it would be mean a lot if you could help us out.. Grafitti Beach is actually trying to start PRINTING their magazine, instead of just showcasing it online. I believe print is not dead and contributing to this magazine would really mean a lot to the people who worked on this production. 

On Set: Brashy Couture

Saturday I had a shoot with my favorite crew: Michelle Paulsen & Chris Lombardo for Brashy Couture Clothing. We shot in Venice on a veryyy busy day but still had a blast and got a lot of great photos :) Can't wait to see more!

Here's a video from Michelle's new vlog!

and some previews from her instagram...

Amazing day! Love these girls <3