Monday, February 18, 2013

Here are some photos from previous shoots I've done over the past couple weeks :)

Photos by Emily Weinberg for Free Feather Creations @ Griffith Park Zoo, CA

Photography by Aimee Nicolas @ Long Beach, CA

Will be posting more soon :)

Today I did a photoshoot with Iman Haji  @ the Hollywood Hotel & in the hills around the sign
Tomorrow I'll be shooting again with Art T which I'm very excited about! 
Wednesday, Jesialex Photography :) my favorite photographer
Thursday, Valerie Chiang in Santa Monica
Friday, Lolita themed shoot with Natasha A
And finally, Saturday I'll be shooting with Jaclyn Szabo
And a looottt more next week and the week after that.. damn.
Andy Reaser, DoYo, Young & Ukraine again! , big shoot with Graffiti Beach Magazine, Sequioa Ziff again! , and Kenneth M :) exxccciiiitteddd

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